"Ladies of My Family" has an amazing array of beautifully recorded songs with vocal harmonies, guitar, banjo and mandolin that, while contemporary, are rooted in the best of the folk traditions of the past fifty years. You'll also hear wonderful musical collaborations throughout the recording including CCMC alumni Robin Flower and Libby McLaren. The painstakingly created liner notes, that include photographs of the important women in her life, are wonderful. While the album is personal, it's also universal, and you can't help but get caught up in the love Janet has for the women who are, and were, her family.

My favorite songs include, "Land of Regret," (great lyrics and harmonies) and "Petri Dish" because it so perfectly describes how most of my Mondays turn out. "Be Good to My Car" is a fun rock romp. Make sure you get out that paste wax and treat your ride right!

- Jeff Lionz in Quarter Notes, Quarterly Newsletter of the California Coast Music Camp, Volume 9, #1, February 2000